Computex 2010: PowerColor Provides Sneak Peek of HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 Edition

There's no shortage of outrageous hardware over here in Computex 2010. But one of the most memorable products we've seen in Taiwan came from ATI graphics partner, PowerColor. The HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 Edition is so extreme that its "mainly for commercial use" and not made for specifically for the consumer market. For the most part, it looks a lot like the reference design HD 5970, but features 4GB of memory and 12 mini-DisplayPort connections by making use of a small extender board which adds another 6 ports to the ones found on the rear panel of the card. In case you were wondering, the card takes up three PCIe slots and measures 12" long.

PowerColor also showed off a couple of graphics cards with features we've never seen before. The HD 5770 Sniper features a Bigfoot network processor built into the card, while the HD 5770 Evolution sports the Lucid Hydra chip that allows for mixing and matching of different models.

Much more on this and other soon-to-be released videocards from PowerColor can be had by hitting the video link below.