Computer Choppers Will Dip Your MacBook Pro in 24K Gold and Diamonds

Forget about the so-called Apple Tax and whether or not it exists, if you're really determined to spend more on your laptop than any of your friends and co-workers, get in touch with Computer Choppers about a 24K gold plated MacBook Pro with diamond accents.

You'll have to buzz them on the horn or fire off an email to receive a quote, presumably because they're not looking to draw attention to themselves for exorbitant price tags, but would like to be known for luxurious finishes. Computer Choppers and the work they've done up to this point has been featured in several printed publications.

As for the gold plated MacBook Pro, there aren't a ton of details to go on, but here's what we know so far. The Midas touch is being offered on 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch models and comes with a custom graphics finish. If you don't like the stock finish, they'll work with you on your own design.

If it turns out to be too rich for your blood or you're simply not into the whole gold theme, Computer Choppers also offers triple chrome finishes, color anodized finishes (original or reflective) with text engraving, and other rad designs for an assortment of products, not just MacBooks.