Component Suppliers Expect First Gen iPad Mini Demand to Fall Off a Cliff

If you don't count refurbished models and the occasional sale price, the iPad mini is the least expensive iPad around, as Apple likes to point out. That's made the 7.85-inch tablet a popular option among users who crave the look and feel of an Apple device without paying the full premium that comes with owning an Apple product, though demand could fall through the floor as the Cupertino company readies a revised model.

Upstream sources in the iPad mini supply chain tell Digitimes they expect a 20-30 percent decline in first generation iPad shipments during the second quarter of 2013. Potential iPad mini buyers are anxious to see what Apple announces next, especially since the first generation model lacks a Retina-class display and is based on old hardware (it's essentially an iPad 2 device shoved into a smaller, thinner, and lighter form factor).

iPad mini

Don't worry about Apple, though. The company is still on pace to ship 55 million iPad mini tablets in 2013, even after accounting for the sharp decline in first generation model sales.

Other than an upgraded display, it's anticipated that the next iPad mini will sport a faster processor. We've also seen rumors of the next iPad mini having a different chassis that's perhaps a little thicker (possibly to support a Retina display upgrade) and offering support for wireless charging.