Complete Wio Link Kit & Online Learning Bundle On Sale In The HotHardware Shop

If you love to tinker with hardware and software, and have been thinking about delving into the Internet of Things, we’ve got an e-Learning bundle on sale in the HH shop that may be right for you. A Complete Wio Link Kit and Online Learning Bundle is currently 75% off and available for under 100 bucks...

programing deal
Build an Internet of Things Application in Just 5 Minutes with Zero Coding or Electronics Experience Needed

Move over Raspberry Pi, Wio Link is a credit-card-sized board designed to simplify Internet of Things development down to drag and drop. Wio Link allows developers of all levels to build IoT applications with no hardware programming, no breadboard, no jumper wires, and no soldering. This kit is the perfect jumping off point for anyone interested in some day building network-connected devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items.
  • Use the simple Wio Link development board, which requires no programming skill
  • Complete module actions w/ the tap of a button in the Wio Link app
  • Send instructions to your devices over the internet
  • Discover the streamlined Grove port interface
You can find this deal right here.