Compellent Intros Data Progression SSD Tech

We're all about more options when it comes to solid state drives (not to mention lower prices), but on the same token, we'll take a splash of innovation wherever we can get it. Compellent Technologies has just stepped forward with an innovation of its own, offering up the first solid state storage solution with automated, block-level tiering. In order to do so, it will integrate the STEC Zeus IOPS enterprise SSD into its storage area network (SAN).

In order to maximize SSD utilization and efficiency, Compellent's patented software will enable customers to deploy only two SSDs in a "tier 0" configuration, automatically migrating inactive data to less expensive drives. The automated tiered storage is simply called Data Progression, and essentially, it minimizes the number of SSDs required while providing the highest levels of performance for mission-critical applications. If you're looking for differences between this and other solutions, Compellent's virtualizedSSDs "makes it easy for multiple applications to simultaneously access the same SSDs on demand, and the entire solution can be easily managed via its single, intuitive interface."

Bruce Kornfeld, vice president of marketing, described the benefits as such: "Compellent’s automated tiered storage really saves customers a lot of money by moving inactive data to less expensive disk. Adding SSD is simple for customers because in our virtualized SAN it’s just like any other drive. Unlike other implementations, we don’t lock customers into specific models or require them to buy a lot of drives to make SSD work."

The company is scheduled to preview its SSD technology at the company’s annual channel partner and end-user conference, C-Drive 2009, and it's hoping to offer the SSD SAN products to all markets in Q2 of 2009.
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