Comcast Xfinity Instant TV Streaming Service Could Court Cord-Cutters In Q3

Do you enjoy streaming television shows, but have not settled on just one package? Rumor has it that Comcast will launch app-based Xfinity Instant TV in the next few months. The IPTV service will include a number of packages and target broadband subscribers who do not pay for a traditional cable or satellite television package.

There are not too many details about the packages yet, however, the service is expected to be a no-contract offering without “truck rolls” (equipment for a service delivered by a network operator). The packages will likely range between $15-$40 USD and include add-ons for channels like ESPN. Comcast could also potentially develop a version of Xfinity Instant TV that does not require a broadband service. 

comcast xfinity tv internet access

Xfinity Instant TV could also potentially replace Stream TV, a “skinny-bundle IPTV package” that is currently being tested in Boston and Chicago. Matt Strauss, Comcast Cable’s EVP and GM of video and entertainment services stated in an interview last year, “While Stream is, at the moment, comprised of a skinny bundle, the strategies behind Stream is much more around how we're going to transform the overall end-to-end customer experience, and Stream is just one example of how we are expanding into that terrain”.

Stream TV is $15 per month and is available only on mobile devices. Xfinity Instant TV would be available on both mobile and TV-connected devices. Like Stream TV, it would also include Comcast’s cloud DVR service.

comcast xfinity tv on multiple devices

Comcast has acquired a number of streaming rights over the last few years. The company acquired NBCUniversal and has consequently created a number of channels surrounding the acquisition. The company also has access to ESPNU, ESPN3, and a number of local channels. Comcast also recently purchased DreamWorks Animation along with its major IPs including Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar.