Comcast to Launch New Speed Tiers, Prices

According to reports, Comcast is set to unveil new speed tiers and prices to go along with them. This will go well with the new metered use that went into effect on Oct. 1st: it will mean you can reach your 250 GB cap faster.

At any rate, DSL Reports says they have exclusive info about the new tiers, which will be the following:
  • Economy: Unchanged at $24.95 for 768 kbps down/384 kbps up.
  • Performance: 6/1 Mbps will now get 12/2 Mbps for $42.95 a month.
  • Performance: 8/2 Mbps will get 16/2 for $52.95 a month.
  • Ultra: 22/5 Mbps for $62.95 a month. (Will update to 30/5 Mbps.)
  • Extreme Fifty: 50/10 Mbps for $139.95
The Ultra and Extreme 50 tiers will obviously require new DOCSIS 3.0 modems. And they won't be available at retail for launch, so you'll have to rent them for $3 a month. Well, if you really, really need that extra speed, $3 probably won't seem like much. Let's not forget that they will throttle you if you happen to fall into their heavy user category; if your local node is seeing congestion, and if they're using more than 70% of their allotted throughput. Personally, we won't change our tier, and see a faster rate without a price increase --- at least until DOCSIS 3.0 modems hit retail.