Comcast Testing Cloud DVR In Boston, Take Your TV Shows On The Road

This summer, Comcast announced a plan to run trials of a cloud-based DVR service called X2, which it is now doing, and there’s also a tweener option at play with the X1 mobile app. The app, which is available in the iTunes store, allows those with access to the X1 cloud DVR trial to watch their recorded content on their iPhones or iPads.

According to Multichannel News, the app version of the cloud DVR service will officially launch next month and be called Xfinity TV. The service will allow users to stream live TV, DVR-ed content, and on-demand content to mobile devices. Presumably, the service will be available to more than just iOS device, although the timeline for that is unclear.

Comcast X2 cloud DVR

When the full X2 cloud DVR service launches, it will also allow users to view live and DVR-ed content on PCs as well as on mobile devices.

Cloud DVR is a terrific idea if you have access to the necessary bandwidth, and it’s also a natural evolution of TV. We pay out the nose for subscription TV, we have spacious DVRs, and we have powerful mobile devices that can stream video, so it follows that we should be able to watch our shows on our devices whenever we want.