Comcast Admits It Improperly Charged Customers For Exceeding Internet Data Caps

comcast truck
Comcast has announced that it has completed an investigation that found there was an error in its billing software that led to customers being incorrectly charged for exceeding their data allotments. Comcast says that the customers who were charged by mistake will be given bill credits and an additional $50 credit.

Comcast admitted its wrongdoing after a customer stepped forward and told Ars Technica that even with his modem unplugged overnight, Comcast had recorded 40GB of data use. Comcast says that the data meter was operating correctly, but the numbers passed to its new billing software were incorrect.

The cable giant says that it has rolled back to its old billing system and that the issue has been addressed. The cable company hasn't given an exact number of customers impacted but has said that those where were impacted don't need to contact it for a refund. Any refunds due will automatically apply to the accounts of those affected.

Comcast has stated that the billing issue impacted only a fraction of 1 percent of its customers. However, with 27.8 million broadband subscribers, less than a single percent could be thousands of users. Comcast has stated that the billing issues impacted its Central and Western divisions, and those affected can expect some sort of outreach from Comcast to explain the problem.

It's extremely difficult for many customers to trust Comcast. The cable and internet provider has a very long history of poor customer service and bending the law to its benefit. In June of this year, a judge ruled that Comcast had violated the law 445,000 times by charging customers in Washington an extra fee for a service protection plan without their permission. Comcast was ordered to pay $9.1 million.