Comcast Gets Hammered

Mona Shaw, of Bristow Virginia, decided that she'd had enough of Comcast's customer service and chose to do something about it: The 75-year-old took a hammer and starting demolishing a Comcast office.  Not bad for someone who lived through World War II and has a heart condition.

While this obviously isn't the recommended way to settle disputes and problems, she isn't exactly viewed as a crazed lunatic by everybody in her community.  Apparently the kinds of problems she encountered are far from rare:

“The city is negotiating an updated franchise agreement with Comcast, as well as a new cable agreement with Verizon.

Customer service is one of the main issues the city examined in its recent review of Comcast's old agreement. In June, the council held a public hearing and residents had virtually nothing good to say about Comcast. According to Councilman Jonathan Way, it hasn't gotten any better since then.

Way said the gist of resident calls he has received recently is still negative.”

For her troubles, Mona Shaw got arrested, but she also got a clear answer to the question she asked repeatedly during her rampage: “Have I got your attention now?”

That answer seems to be a resounding: “Sorry that's not my department, let me send over to the right department.”
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