Comcast Finds A Friend In EA With Xfinity Game Streaming Beta

There's no shortage of ways to get games on your TV, but that doesn't matter to Comcast, because it wants to offer one of the more compelling ones. Perhaps it'll be able to pull that off on account of the fact that it's teaming up with EA, a company that knows a thing or two about games.

Alright, I'll say it: Comcast and EA are two of the most hated companies on the planet, so to see them team up almost seems like two evil deities teaming up to further ruin the world. But without being snarky, this collaboration does have some high points, all of which are quite obvious from the get-go.

Comcast X1 Gaming In Use

Comcast's X1 platform is what makes all of this possible. Up to this point, it's delivered TV and shows, but with this EA partnership, it expands to games. No game controllers are needed, either. Instead, anyone can use their smartphone or tablet to control the action on-screen. By now, this is standard fare.

Right now, the service is in beta, so if you want in, you can hit up the URL below to sign up. There's no information thus far on pricing information, but we'd imagine it'd be completely free during the beta period. It also wouldn't be surprising if select titles were made permanently free, as a way to lure people in.

Comcast X1 Gaming

Comcast notes that EA isn't the only company it's going to be partnering up with, so just maybe, it'll manage to deliver a truly compelling gaming platform. As long as you don't mind using a touchscreen as a controller, that is.