Comcast Extends Wicked Fast 2Gbps ‘Gigabit Pro’ Internet Service To Colorado, Oregon

Comcast customers in select parts of Colorado and Oregon are about to have bragging rights over Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower subscribers. That's because Comcast has begun rolling out its crazy-fast Gigabit Pro service to residents living in the metro Denver area and Colorado Springs, with plans of also serving parts of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Gigabit Pro is a symmetrical 2Gbps service (upload and download) that's delivered through Comcast's fiber network. It requires the installation of professional grade equipment, and residents have to live within close proximity to the network. While location restrictions can be a little tricky in terms of widespread deployment, Comcast said it's built out more than 145,000 route miles of fiber across its service area.

Image Source: Flickr (diaper)

Comcast has been aggressive in its attempts to beef up its network, claiming to have doubled the capacity every 18 months for the past several years. In addition, Comcast has been delivering up to 10Gbps Ethernet service to businesses in various locations since 2011, including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Looking ahead, Comcast has announced Gigabit Pro rollouts in Atlanta, California, Chattanooga, Chicago, Florida, and Nashville, with plans to expand to even more cities throughout the year. The question is, how much does all that speed cost? Comcast hasn't said, though previous reports suggested it would be in the neighborhood of $300 per month. If so, that could end up being cost prohibitive for most residents.

In addition to 2Gbps service, Comcast announced the immediate availability of Extreme 250 a new 250Mbps download / 25Mbps upload Internet speed tier that runs $150 per month.