ColorWare Paints The Town With MacBook Pro And Beats Pro

Ever heard of ColorWare? If you've been around the modification area of consumer electronics at all, that name has probably surfaced in conversation before. Basically, it's a company that does tremendous paint work with everyday gadgets, from phones to laptops and everything in between. The latest gadgets to land in their paint labs is Apple's Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro and the Beats Pro headphones from Beats by Dre.

ColorWare's giving consumers a choice of 46 different color options on the MBP, and two finishes on top of that. On the Beats Pro, they can also be clad in any color, enabling users to match them up with their favorite team, or outfit. It's a pretty simple concept: either ship your existing product in to have painted, or just buy one outright from ColorWare. How much will the customization cost? The MacBook Pro starts at $550 if you send your machine in ($2550 for the 15" if you buy it from them), while the Beats Pro ship for $700. Pricey, but pretty.

New MacBook Pro; Beats Pro

WINONA, MN March 14, 2011 --- MacBook Pro: Blazing speed and Apple's Thunderbolt port make the new MacBook Pro a standard for serious computing. Now ColorWare will help you choose one in your favorite colors.

ColorWare offers a variety of 46 color choices and two finishes to help you choose the perfect standout combination. You're the artist, so why not let you have the final say?

Beats Pro: You may have seen them sported by your favorite athlete. A pair of headphones that shows your love for music and sets you apart from the rest - Beats Pro headphones bring serious audio quality to a DJ-friendly design, and now they are available in any color.

With swiveling speakers, these headphones take the Beats by Dre quality you've come to expect, and pack it into the perfect design. Match them to your favorite team colors or give them a vibrant look that's sure to be noticed.