Coder Makes It Easy To Create "Web Stuff" For Raspberry Pi

Anything that helps those of all ages learn a new skill without spending a lot of cash is great; anything that helps people learn a skill such as coding is extraordinary. Such is Coder, a project developed by a small group of Googlers that offers a simple way to turn a Raspberry Pi into a little web server and also build apps on it, within a browser.

Coder Raspberry Pi

Coder relies on standard languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript and lets users “build real web stuff”. It’s an open source project, so it’s totally free, and all you need to get going is a Raspberry Pi, power supply, 4GB or larger SD card, and a Raspberry Pi WiFi module (if you like). Altogether, that’s only about $49, or $61 with the WiFi module.

Coder Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi, of course, is an inexpensive Linux-based computer that’s designed for tinkerers, makers, and modders to have fun and innovate. If you didn’t already have weekend plans and happen to have a Raspberry Pi on hand, Coder just might be a great way to while away the hours. And you never know, you might come up with something great.

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