’s ‘Hour of Code’ Campaign Urges Everyone To Learn A Bit Of Code

Computer programming may seem overly complex to learn, like learning a new spoken language, but as time has passed, it has become more inviting and easier to understand than ever. This is a fact that the folks behind, along with its sponsors, would like to get across.

If coding for some reason sounds pointless, or not worth the time investment, consider the fact that services like Facebook and Dropbox began with a single line of code, and now, companies like these are worth millions, or even billions. Not too bad for something that can be created at home, is it?

That's the cool thing about coding: It's not just a job, it's an art. Like a painter who can produce a beautiful scene on canvas, or a woodworker who can build a functional piece of furniture, coding allows you to create, or craft, something that others can make use of. I can imagine there's little that's more rewarding than building a piece of software that ends up being used, and loved, by a great number of people.

If the premise behind sounds familiar, you might recall that we talked a bit about it earlier this year. The reason it's coming up again is thanks to December 9 - 15 being "Computer Science Education Week", an event that over 10,000 schools around the globe are participating in. How so? By allowing their students to take a course on the website that lasts a single hour. In that hour, they'll learn the basics of programming, and who knows? A spark might go off, and they'll dig deeper either at home or with further classes.

Of course, this kind of course isn't limited to just schoolkids - it's for all ages (no one is ever too old to learn). So if you've been intrigued by coding but haven't been sure if it truly suits you, hit up the URL below, click on "Learn", and then check out a tutorial that strikes your fancy.