Cloudflare Launches Free Warp VPN Service For iPhones And Androids

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One year ago today on April Fools’ Day, Cloudflare launched its1.1.1.1 DNS service that was aimed at helping to speed up DNS requests, improve privacy, and give users an overall boost in internet performance. The DNS service is still operational, and has become the second largest public DNS service behind #1 Google, while offering half the latency.

Back in November, Cloudflare launched its app to bring its speedy and privacy-centric DNS service to Android and iOS users, and today it is expanding the app with the addition of Virtual Private Networking (VPN) functionality. The company is calling this VPN “Warp”, and it encrypts all of your data, not just traffic that comes and goes through your web browser of choice. So that means that all traffic going through any of your internet-connected apps is end-to-end encrypted.

Warp, which is an optional add-on feature for the app, is based on the UDP protocol and has been completely optimized for mobile internet communications. Warp also incorporates technology from Neumob, which Cloudflare acquired in November 2017. With the combination of the DNS service and the Warp VPN, Cloudflare says that users should see overall speed improvements (with the added bonus of increased security).

cloudflare warp

“With our network’s direct peering connections and uncongested paths we can deliver a great experience around the world,” writes Cloudflare’s Matthew Prince. “Our tests have shown that Warp will often significantly increase Internet performance. Generally, the worse your network connection the better Warp should make your performance.”

While many mobile VPN services can chew through your smartphone’s battery at a rapid clip, Cloudflare promises that it has worked to “minimize any excess use of your phone’s radio through retransmits,” which can occur when you’re in an area with subpar mobile coverage.

In addition, the (and by association, Warp), will adhere to the following principles:

  • User-identifiable log data will not be written to disk
  • Your data won't be sold, and you won't be hit with targeted advertising
  • You will not need to provide identifiable information (i.e. name, phone number, email address) to use the app
  • Cloudflare will use outside auditors to keep check on its user-centric privacy policies

The Cloudflare mobile app has been and will always be free. The company has announced that the standard version of the Warp VPN will be available as a free option (you can join the waitlist now to try out the VPN). However, Cloudflare will also offer a premium version called Warp+ that will offer even better performance.

Although Cloudflare hasn’t announced pricing for Warp+ it will charge a “low monthly fee.” You can download the app right now for iOS and Android.

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