Clever Modder Screen Casts Nexus 6 To Car In-Dash System For Full Android Control

Connecting a smartphone to an in-car Bluetooth system is a common way to listen to music through the device, but have you ever thought about what else could be possible? How about controlling the entire smartphone through a dash screen? Or controlling media with your steering wheel?

Nexus 6 Air Radio

That's just what one Nexus 6 owner did, with the help of a couple of different hardware and software products. At the forefront is the App Radio dash screen, a product that costs about $500. Then there's the ARUnchained Android app, which costs around $30. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even install an Air Dock for on-the-go wireless charging. It's a complete, robust setup.

This Nexus 6 owner, who goes by wanedilcox on YouTube, crafted a custom plastic magnetized backplate for the phone which simply clips onto a dock under the dash. Once the car is turned on, and the Bluetooth becomes active, a Tasker profile takes over and syncs the phone up with the car. Moments later, the entire phone interface can be seen on the App Radio, and can be controlled from it, too.

Through the same Tasker profile, this user is able to control his media with buttons located on his steering wheel -- pretty nifty for an entirely DIY project. Once the car is turned off, the Bluetooth connection is disabled, and the phone goes back to its original state -- all charged up a bit thanks to the Air Dock charger.

This is a ridiculously cool setup, and if you happen to want to mimic it, the user offers his own Tasker profile for you to download and tweak. While this was done with a Nexus 6, it really could be done with any smartphone or mobile device for that matter. You just need to have the patience to figure out how to make it all work.