Classic Gamer Enthusiasts Release New King's Quest Adventure

If you cut your teeth on computer games in the mid-1980s, then you almost certainly remember Sierra On-Line. From the mid-80s to the mid-90s, Sierra On-Line (later renamed Sierra Entertainment). Sierra created many of the titles in the golden age of adventure gaming and earned itself a strong following. Even though the company is dead, a group of fans has persevered long enough to develop their own King's Quest sequel—The Silver Lining.

See this, sweetie? Your grandpa remembers when these were good graphics. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I took my medication.

The development process was anything but easy--in addition to the usual problems inherent to any fanmade, volunteer project, Activision initially refused to grant the team a non-commercial license after buying the Sierra brand and IP off Vivendi. That looked like the end of the project, but developer Phoenix Online was evidently able to work a deal with Activision at the last minute. The game is therefore available, but only when downloaded from Phoenix Online's website.

The game's graphics aren't exactly modern, but the engine appears to do well with what it has. We've included the launch trailer for TSL below; if you're interested in downloading the game you can grab more information here:

A Hero Returns

If you ever played Sierra's Quest for Glory series, you might also want to check out a remake of the second and one of the most popular in the series—QF2 2. It's also a free download, and it plays best with a heavy dose of nostalgia.