Classic Compatibility Site Launches for webOS

MotionApps, which we wrote about earlier, has released one of the few apps available for Palm's Pre and its webOS platform: an emulator that allows you to run Palm OS applications. On Friday, they launched Classic Well, a community-driven Web site that tracks Palm OS "Classic" app compatibility.

Here's what the site says:
Classic Well is a user driven forum where Palm OS user community can report on and discuss Palm OS apps run in Classic. Users can share how those apps behaved and provide recommendations and feedback valuable to both other users and Palm OS developers.

Obviously, not everything will run in the emulator, which is called (naturally) Classic. The more self-contained an application is, the better its odds of running in Classic. Honestly, while people wait for the sparse App Catalog to gain more entries (and some of that is Palm's fault, for withholding the SDK), the large number of Palm OS applications gives consumers some solace, particularly since many have large Palm OS program libraries.

It's also no secret that its never been to hack trial versions of Palm OS applications into believing they have been registered, but that's another story.

MotionApps also has a "Classic Certification" program. For $99, a developer can have applications certified for use with the Classic emulator. Think of it as WHQL certification for PalmOS apps. You submit your application to MotionApps and they run a series of tests on it for compatibility purposes.

A couple of the already-certified apps which many PalmOS users will remember are Agendus and HanDBase.