Songza Opens Up $0.99 Per Week Option For Ad-Free Music Streaming

Music subscription services today are like netbooks in 2009: everybody's making one, so your options are almost limitless. The latest to make some noise is Songza, which has just introduced a new ad-free version for those willing to open up their wallets just a bit. Presently, the service has racked up nearly five million users addicted to its free streaming service, but it's hoping that some of those will pony up $0.99 per week to enter Club Songza.

Around half a million of its users are receiving e-mails and invites to the new service, which essentially operates identically but without commercials. According to the invitation: "You can now subscribe to Club Songza to go ad-free and get double the skips on Songza’s apps for iPhone, Android, Sonos, and the web."

If you really needed another option to consider, now you have one.