Circuit Scribe Basic Kit On Sale In The HotHardware Shop

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of circuit design, we’ve got a very cool deal running in the HotHardware Shop you’ll probably want to check out. A Circuit Scribe Basic Kit is on-sale for only $49.99, with free shipping, a savings of about 16%...
circuit deal
This Circuit Scribe Basic Kit gives users a hands-on way to discover the world of electronics. At its core is a rollerball pen filled with conductive silver ink, allowing you to literally draw a circuit on paper. You can then augment your circuit using any of the six included modules: a power-supplying battery adapter, an SPST switch that turns your circuit on and off, and more. Consolidate your knowledge with the workbook’s lessons on electronics terms, and you’re sure to be a certified tech expert in no time.
  • Draw circuits using a pen filled w/ conductive silver ink
  • Tinker w/ your circuits using 6 modules: battery adapter, LED light, etc.
  • Easily interact w/ circuits thanks to modules’ simple & easy-to-use designs
  • Learn about basic electronics concepts: transistors, resistance, etc.
  • Easily trace circuit designs using the circuit stencil
  • Use the workbook’s lessons to expand your understanding of electronics
You can take advantage of this deal, right here.