Bill Nye The Science Guy Headlines New Google Chromebook Ads, Casually Drops F-Bombs

Google is taking a page out of Apple's playbook and is taking time to poke fun at some of the stereotypical things that the Windows operating system falls short on for some users. To do so, it brought in Bill Nye (yes that Bill Nye) to poke fun at Windows for things like slow booting and hints at poor virus protection. However, Bill doesn't actually talk all that much about the Chromebook he is using in the video, which is HP branded.

chromebook nye

He spends most of his time talking about what causes fear in humans, the fear of changing to Chromebook, and so on. There is also another very short spot that is on Instagram that has Bill talking about stacking up cash and dropping the f-bomb if you want to check that out, it doesn't seem like a spot for Chromebook at all until the end credits where viewers are urged to check out the Chromebook video.

Something interesting about the videos might go unnoticed, but the gang over at Chrome Unboxed pointed it out. Google has changed how it and its partners refer to Chromebook. It never says "a Chromebook" or "the Chromebook" it just says Chromebook. Apple does the same thing with the iPad; Apple and sellers say things like "get iPad on us" or "Change to iPad." Chromebook is now a proper noun, which is a notable change.

Windows users might find the same old "Bash Microsoft" advertising plan that has been used for a long time annoying. One interesting aspect is when integrated antivirus protection is touted; Nye doesn't say that Windows lacks integrated protection, he says the Windows machine should be quarantined. Windows users on modern laptops with an SSD are booting just about as fast as Macs or Chromebook, but the commercial is funny, if not wholly accurate.