Chrome Support Coming To Microsoft's Online Office Apps

Last week was a huge coming-out party for Chrome OS, and now, even Microsoft is joining the festivities. How so? The company just added Chrome support for online Office apps, and they'll officially support apps running from SharePoint in SP1 (coming in June). That's all coming in the first major service pack for Office 2010, which is also scheduled for release in June.

Once it all comes together, it'll mark the first time that Chrome will have that level of support from MS; previously, the company had "set a broader release window of mid-summer for Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1)." It's expected that Office 2010 SP1 will be around first as a manual download, and it'll hit the Windows Update servers a few months afterwards. Outside of the Chrome support, users will also find security and other bug fixes.

So, is this the year where Google, Apple and Microsoft all come together, hug it out, and work together? Hah... we doubt it.