Chrome Edging Out Firefox In Browser Wars

According to StatCounter, Google’s Chrome browser overtook Mozilla’s Firefox for the first time last month; in November, Chrome snagged 25.69% of the global Web browser market share, while Firefox managed 25.23%.

To put the rise of Chrome in perspective, two years ago it held a meager 4.66% of the market to Firefox’s 32.21%. It’s been steadily on the rise ever since.

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It’s important to note, however, that although Chrome has certainly pilfered users from Firefox, Firefox has only lost 6.98% of its market share over the past two years. The bulk of Chrome’s user base is bleeding directly from Internet Explorer. IE is still far and away the browser leader with 40.63% market share, but it has lost considerable ground from two Novembers past, when it held 56.57%.

Other browsers are maintaining a small amount of market share. Safari has 5.92% of the market, and Opera has 1.82%.

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