Chrome Browser Hacked Wednesday, Patched Thursday

Google’s Chrome Browser has historically been relatively bullet-proof, standing up to hacker challenges with impressive resilience. On Wednesday, however, hacker Sergey Glazunov successfully broaches Chrome’s defenses at CanSecWest’s Pwnium challenge, for which he received a prize of $60,000.

To Google’s credit, the vulnerability that Glazunov exploited was patched within 24 hours. In a post on the Chrome Blog, Jason Kersey stated that the hole was patched, and that the Chrome team also delivered some updates to fix issues with Flash games and videos.

Photo credit: ZDNet

However, Glazunov wasn’t the only one to bypass Chrome’s sandbox; French hacking group VUPEN took aim at Chrome first and foremost at CanSecWest’s Pwn2Own event, and apparently, the VUPEN fellows aren’t planning to divulge all their tactics just yet.