Chrome Browser Catapults to No. 1 Among Free iPad/iPhone Apps

It didn't take long for Google's Chrome browser to become the Top Free app in Apple's App Store for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch devices. Chrome was officially released to iOS on Tuesday but only made available to download yesterday, and figures to give Safari and its alternative a serious run for browser domination.

Chrome brings to the table supposed fast performance (reviews have been mixed on this front), the ability to sync your personalized Chrome settings from your PC, an easy-to-navigate UI, the ability to flip through tabs like a deck of cards, and other slick tricks. Incognito Mode was also ported over, so you can, uh, shop birthday gifts for that surprise party you're planning, because we all know that's why we really choose to browse in private.

Getting back to the sync feature, one of the coolest tricks up Chrome's sleeve is the ability to view bookmarks and tabs you have open on other devices. Just sign in to your Google account to pick up where you left off at your PC.