'Choose Your Own Adventure' Franchise Returns, On Tablets

If you never picked up one of those iconic “Choose Your Own Adventure” book when you were a kid, your childhood was not complete. The cleverly-written adventure books let you, the reader, decide what would happen next. If you wanted X to happen, you’d turn to page 23; if you wanted to Y, you’d turn to page 89, and so on. (We always kept a finger in the last page we jumped from in case we didn’t like where the story went.)

Chooseco, the company behind the CYOA, is back and working to release “Choose ‘Toons”, or animated choose-your-own-adventure stories, on tablets. The team is looking to raise $130,000 on Kickstarter.

CYOA Gus the robot
Choose 'Toon starring you and Gus the Robot

“Choose 'Toons are interactive cartoons based on the best-selling titles of Choose Your Own Adventure books for younger readers,” reads the pitch. “They are aimed at children ages 5-7. Our first episode is based on the title Your Very Own Robot, where YOU put together a robot named Gus out of discarded parts from your parents' robot lab.”


Wouldn’t you know it--Gus gets into a lot of trouble, and the story has 20 branches with 11 potential endings and half an hour of animation. Chooseco is hoping to turn Choose ‘Toons into a series.

Pledge levels start at as little as $1, so if you want to support the new adventure, go for it; what happens is up to you.