Chinese Tech Company Compares Apple To Hitler As It Preps Android Smartphone Debut

If you're ever worried about not being noticed, the obvious solution is to throw hyperbolic claims around. We saw a great example of this just last month, where MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett compared Google's Fiber Internet service to Ebola. As bad as a statement like that is, Chinese company Leshi TV might have just beaten it.

Leshi TV is a video site in China, and it will soon release its first smartphone. To help speed the hype train up, CEO Jia Yueting decided that it'd be a great idea to call Apple out on something - we've seen that on these shores, so that's nothing new. But what we haven't seen in a public advertisement is Apple being compared to Hitler. Actually - it's not so much being compared to Hitler as it is claiming that Apple is Hitler. If you look close at the shot below, you can see Hitler wearing an Apple armband. Whew.

apple hitler
The doorway foreshadows the look of the upcoming Leshi TV smartphone

On the same ad, in Chinese, it says, "Crowdfunded, Freedom vs. Arrogance, Tyranny". Now, I admit that I'm the furthest thing from an Apple fan, but I can honestly say I've never felt like the company was on par with one of the most evil entities on the entire planet. And while it is repulsive that someone would stoop to such levels to help market their product, this somehow doesn't even come as a surprise in this day and age.

Will the ad remain? Time will tell.