China’s LeEco Unwraps Sleek LeSee Autonomous EV To Challenge Tesla Model S Domination

lesee 2
When it comes to the high-end electric vehicle market, no one comes close to touching the success (or the critical praise) of the Tesla Motors Model S. The company has spread its wings into the popular crossover segment with the Model X, and it is now looking to go mainstream with the Model 3. Tesla may be “winning” now, but competitors are quickly catching up with viable EVs of their own. Take for example LeEco, the parent company of Faraday Future, and often referred to as “China’s Netflix”.

LeEco today presented its vision of a high-end EV with the unveiling of the LeSee ahead of its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show. The LeSee is being billed as a direct rival to the Model S and is not nearly as ambitious as the Faraday Future FFZero1 that was unveiled at this year’s CES. This concept car is supposed to give us an idea of the design direction for a production model that could arrive a few years down the road.

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Unfortunately, we’re not being given much to go on with regards to specs other than word that the LeSee has a top speed of 130mph, autonomous driving capabilities and features a fold-away steering wheel so that the “driver” can attend to other matters while the computer pilots the vehicle down the road. With the steering wheel out of the way, you’d presumably have more room to text, eat, watch a TV show or perhaps just nap during your daily commute.

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LeEco, however, isn’t just working on the the LeSee and the FFZero1. The company is working in conjunction with Aston Martin on the RapidE electric sedan (“saloon” for our British readers) and is even helping to develop the vehicle’s infotainment system.