China Unicom Posts iPhone, Android G1 Pages

China Mobile is the largest carrier in China, with 471 million subscribers, and they've been playing hardball with Apple over the iPhone. That may have led to them missing the boat, if the pages available on rival China Unicom's site are for real.

China Unicom has a "mere" 128 million subscribers, according to their site, and they have posted pages for both the iPhone 3G and the Android G1 (separate tabs, on the translated page, pictured below, just in case they take it down).

A few sites have noted that the descriptions list "time to market" as July 2008 for the iPhone, making them wonder if this is legit. Well, it also lists the G1 with a 2008 date, so that seems to indicate that this is just listing the release date of the devices, in their initial markets.

The pages aren't clear on when the devices will be released, but earlier rumors indicated May of this year.

Great, if this is all true, they will get the iPhone 3G just in time to see a summer announcement on the new iPhone. That ought to help sales!