China Sees Tremendous Growth In Internet Use, Driven By Mobile

We live in an increasingly connected world. Each and every day, loads of people are accessing the Internet for the first time, and that wild sensation of having near-infinite knowledge at your fingertips is one that will probably never be matched by anything else in our lifetime. These days, a lot of people are touching the Internet for the first time via smartphone or tablet, not a conventional desktop or laptop. As China marches to become Apple's most important country in terms of sales, the nation of well over a billion people is also becoming an important one in terms of Internet metrics.

A new AP report shows that China's population of Internet users soared 10 percent just last year, to a whopping 564 million in sum. What's really wild about that number is that China is also home to the "Great Firewall," where average citizens who know little about proxies and VPNs aren't able to access certain portions of the Web -- including major services involving social media. The extra 51 million Internet users in China that were added last year outnumber all of the people of Spain. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Not surprisingly, most of the additional surfers are doing so on mobile devices, with mobile browsing rising 18.1 percent last year.
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