China Is Banning Apple Products? Not So Says Chinese Finance Ministry

China's concern over security and U.S. spying habits apparently don't extend over to popular Apple products like the iPad and MacBook Air as previously thought. Responding to a Bloomberg report earlier in the week saying that China removed 10 Apple products from its government procurement lists over security concerns, a move that would essentially ban the delisted devices, China says that's not the case.

The Central Government Procurement Center and Finance Ministry in China both said that Apple never applied to be on the list anyway. However, the real cause of confusion is that Bloomberg was citing an energy-saving products list, which is just one of many government procurement lists in China, Reuters reports. Apple has never been on the list.

iPad Mini

"Even though Apple has the certification for energy-saving products... it has never provided the necessary verification material and agreements according to the regulations," China's Finance Ministry stated.

Government officials are free to purchase Apple products that don't appear on the energy-savings list. However, sales of several of the products on the list were temporarily halted on Thursday for a monthly price adjustment, which only added to the confusion.

While Apple products are fair game, there still exists a ban on installing Windows 8 on government machines. China's also investigating Microsoft over anti-trust concerns.