Child Prodigy Becomes Youngest To Pass Microsoft Test At Age Five

Little Ayan Qureshi is now six years old and embarking on his first year as a student at Clifford Bridge Primary School in the United Kingdom. However, he's not like most other classmates. He's an IT genius, a designation he earned by passing Microsoft's exam to become a Certified Professional when he was just five-years-old.

He achieved the feat on September 27, 2014, and is recognized as the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world. While most other five-year-olds were happily playing with kid's meal toys and coloring books, Qureshi at that age built his own home computer lab, which is where he likes to spend his leisure time.

As for the exam, he found it difficult, but enjoyed the experience.

Ayan Qureshi
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"There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions, and scenario based questions," Qureshi told BBC's Asian Network.

According to his father, the most difficult thing was explaining the language of the test in a way a five-year-old could understand. However, the child prodigy proved a quick learner with an excellent memory, traits that led to his achievement. His father introduced him to computers when he just three-years-old and would let him play with old hardware.

Ayan Qureshi on Laptop
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"I found whatever I was telling him, the next day he'd remember everything I said, so I started to feed him more information," his father said.

When he arrived to take the test, the exam supervisors voiced concerned that Qureshi was too young to be a candidate. His father assured them he'd be fine to take the test on his own. Turns out he was right.