Chevy Bolt 200-Mile EV Spied Sans Camouflage Ahead Of January Unveil

chevy bolt 1
Production Chevrolet Bolt (Image Source: Autoblog)

The production version of the Chevrolet Bolt was supposed to make its official debut early next month at the Detroit Auto Show. But as is always the case with high-profile launches, there are bound to be some lapses in security which allows spy photographers the opportunity to give the automotive world an early glimpse at the latest set of wheels.

As a result, we now have an unblemished look at the production Bolt in all its glory; at least when it comes to its exterior. While the vehicle’s overall shape is carried over from the concept, many of the details are vastly different, especially when you take a look at the rear quarter windows and the rear of the vehicle. The front of the vehicle also shares more in common with the second generation Volt than it does the Bolt concept car.

chevy bolt 2

Overall, it’s a rather inoffensive design that skews a bit more towards the conventional side than actually taking some design risks that are possible with an all-electric powertrain.

2015 Chevrolet BoltEV Concept exterior 001 2
Chevrolet Bolt Concept

In case you need a refresh, the Bolt was first reveled earlier this year as a concept vehicle at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and promised an all-electric driving range of 200 miles. General Motors worked closely with LG Electronics to develop the Bolt, with the South Korean giant supplying the lithium-ion battery pack, electric drive motors, instrument cluster, infotainment center and onboard charger among other components.

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The vehicle will be priced at $37,500 before a $7,500 federal tax credit (and any applicable state credits/rebates) are applied. The Bolt will go head-to-head with Tesla’s 200+ mile range Model III which is also expected to take a bow next year with a price tag of $35,000 before tax credits.

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