2016 Chevy Volt Charges Ahead With 53-Mile Battery Range, 106 MPGe Fuel Economy Rating

Perhaps one day cars will run on dreams and rainbows. In the meantime, the majority of vehicles still require gasoline, battery power, or a combination of both. Such is the case with Chevrolet's 2016 Volt. Armed with the company's all-new second-generation Voltec extended-range electric propulsion system, this thing can cruise for 53 miles on battery power alone.

That's a whopping 40 percent improvement over the first generation Volt, and if you ask Chevy, many 2016 Volt owners are likely to use power solely from their batteries for more than 90 percent of trips. Chevy's talking about commutes to and from work, grocery store runs, errands across town, visiting family and friends in neighboring cities, and that sort of thing.

2016 Chevrolet Volt Electric Fill Up

Obviously more mileage is required if going on a long trip, and after the first 53 miles of just tapping into the car's 18.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, the Volt's gas-powered generator kicks in to extend the driving range for up to a total of 420 miles on a full tank. Altogether, Chevy rates the Volt at 106 MPGe, or gasoline equivalent.

"We listened to our customers," said Andrew Farah, vehicle chief engineer, "They were very clear when they told us that they wanted more range, and a fun driving experience behind the wheel. We are confident that the 2016 Volt delivers both."

2016 Chevy Volt

Even without factoring in battery power, the Volt is rated at an impressive 42 MPG (city and highway combined) on regular unleaded fuel. Or better -- Chevy hints that these ratings could be conservative, as it points out that the first-generation Volt "often exceeded" it's EPA-estimated mileage.

"Chevrolet expects the same label-exceeding result with the next-generation Volt," Chevy said.

With tax incentives and rebates, the 2016 Volt will start at $26,495, which is $1,175 less than the 2015 model. Without taxes and rebates, the sticker price starts at $33.995.