Cheaper, Plastic iPhone to Debut This Summer Alongside iPhone 5S, Says Analyst

We’ve heard rumors already that Apple will debut a less expensive iPhone this summer, but today another analyst chimed in with another spin of the rumor mill and further details. According to Topeka Capital Brian White (via SFGate), who has been chatting up supply chain sources on a visit to China, the cheaper iPhone is indeed coming.

"At the China trade show, we had the opportunity to interact with various suppliers and vendors, including those working with Apple," he said in a note to investors. "Our general takeaway around Apple is that a lower-priced iPhone and the iPhone 5S will be announced together in June and launched in July."

iPhone 5
The upcoming iPhon5S may look like this; a plastic iPhone will not

According to SFGate, he also said that the new iPhone would have a curved colored plastic back, but it would have the same long 4-inch screen size as the iPhone 5. It doesn’t sound like a terribly impressive device, but consumers would likely buy a plastic iPhone is the price was right. So how much might a cheaper, plastic iPhone cost? White anticipates a price tag of about $400.

This is all still just hearsay, but what say you: Would you drop $400 on a plastic iPhone, or has Apple lost its collective mind?