ChatGPT's Free Tier Gets A Boost With A Bunch Of Previously Paywalled Features

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OpenAI is adding features to its free version of ChatGPT that were previously available only to its paying users, as the company says it’s “focused on advancing AI technology and ensuring it is accessible and beneficial to everyone.” The biggest upgrade for free users is the inclusion of the most recent version of ChatGPT, GPT-4o. Moreover, user interface changes are coming to both the web version and desktop app.

GPT-4o offers across the board improvements when users interact using text, voice, and vision. According to OpenAI, users on the free tier will now have the ability chat about photos it provides to the model, upload files for analysis or summarization, and have access to more GPTs that can be found in the GPT Store. It’s a solid set of upgrades considering that accessing them won’t cost users a penny.

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The company also announced changes coming to the web version of ChatGPT, which will be available to all users. The intent of the changes is to create a simpler, easier to use web experience, with a focus on improving conversations taking place between the user and ChatGPT. There will be a new home screen, message layout, and several other changes for users to explore as well.

Likewise, the desktop app is seeing some improvements. OpenAI is hoping to create a seamless experience where ChatGPT can work alongside anything else happening on a user’s computer. To make it easier to use, users will be able to interact with the desktop app by using Voice Mode. Lastly, it’s possible to now take a screenshot and have it work from within the app as well. These improvements will be coming to macOS Plus users first, and to Windows sometime later in 2024.

OpenAI says the new features for free tier users are available immediately, and will look to roll out even more features in the future.