Chaintech SE6600G, SuperTalent PC3500 CAS 2, and more!

Hey all, here's your afternoon shot of tech related news. I've got a few machines to get working on, so I'll skip the chit chat for now and let you get straight to the good stuff...

Chaintech SE6600G Review @ AMDZone

"Aesthetically the SE6600G is not too different from other cards on the market, a blue PCB and a matching blue heatsink with a translucent fan adorn Nvidia's GPU. In addition to that Chaintech have put silver heatsinks over the memory modules on the PCB to give the memory a little extra cooling. What Chaintech have done seems to have worked as it is one of the best overclockers we've seen so far but we'll get to that shortly"

SuperTalent PC3500 Cas 2 Memory Review @

"The only thing that varied between the different rounds of testing was the voltage applied, with the 200MHz and 217MHz environments being pushed by 2.6V and the 227MHz environment by 2.8V (the maximum the Abit IC7-G allows). While I could have gone further with the overclock by loosening up the memory timings, I was more curious to see how far these modules would run at CAS 2 latencies."

ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT Review @ Beyond3D

"Being based on the R420 graphics core, the board is an AGP board, and this is probably one of the reasons it took so long for the All-In-Wonder X800 XT to actually appear. AGP signalling is fairly specific in terms of where the graphics core can be placed on the board, limiting the layout options which doesn't help when adding multimedia functionality to an already complex board such as the X800."

Gigabyte AirCruiser GN-BC01 802.11g Wireless Desktop Router @ PCstats

"This device incorporates a fully wireless home router/Internet sharing device onto a PCI card which you install directly into your desktop PC. The internal form factor of the Wifi Router AirCruiser GN-BC01 is new to us though, so we're interested to see how it performs and what kind of range it gets compared to conventional external wireless networking routers."

DFI nForce4-DAGF Motherboard OC Preview @ Madshrimps

"I recently got my hands on a new motherboard, the nForce4-DAGF is a budget minded solution from DFI as it goes on sales for less then 110USD, let's see if it has DFI's great OC blood..."