CES2006 Home Video Wrap-Up

CES 2006 is over and done with, but the last bit of coverage is still being published. Tonight Desightechnica shares their experience with their Home Video Wrap-Up, covering the latest in display and disc technology.

"The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a tough show this year, with two large convention centers to cover, plus all of the manufacturers' suites in hotels. As always, it was a tiring but exciting show. As I noted in my most recent blog ("Post Partum CES"), the two major themes of the show were 1080p displays in all screen technologies and the looming next-generation optical disk format war. Will this format war play out like Red versus Blue states, or will it be a different scenario? (In case you didn't know, HD DVD's packaging is red, and Blu-ray's is blue. How quaint.)"
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