CES 2012 Asus X79 Boards, Peripherals, Transformer Prime TF700T In Action

In a lavish suite at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, Asus set up a number of existing and upcoming products for eager members of the technology press to ogle and get some hands-on time. In the suite, we had a chance to checkout a handful of upcoming X79 motherboards, nettops, netbooks, notebooks, and even a few tablets and a smartphone.

One of the standout products had to be the new Transformer Prime TF700T, which builds upon the original design we showed you here, but adds an absolutely awesome WUXGA 1920x1200 resolution screen, a higher-resolution front facing camera, and reportedly more reliable Wi-Fi performance...

CES 2012 Asus X79 Boards, Transformer TF700T Action