Cell Phone Gaining Traction as Internet Vehicle of Choice, Survey Finds

A recent study has found that more and more mobile phone users are tapping into their cell phones to not only surf the Internet, but to do the majority of their online Web browsing. Folks who use their cell phone to go online were once the exception to the rule. In April 2009, Pew Internet found that slightly less than a third -- 31 percent -- of all cell phone owners used their phone to go online, and today that number is up to 55 percent.

Almost a third -- 31 percent -- of current "cell Internet users," which are individuals who use their mobile phone to go online, say they "mostly go online using their cell phone" as opposed to any other device, including a laptop to desktop computer.

Breaking it down by demographic, it's no surprise that young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are more likely to do most of their surfing on their phone than any other age group. Pew Internet didn't stop there, however, and found that African American users are twice as likely to do most of their online browsing as Caucasians (51 percent versus 24 percent).

Interestingly, people who make less than $50,000 a year and have not graduated college are most likely to use their phones for the majority of their Internet browsing, though the No. 1 determining factor had nothing to do with the cost of, say, an iPad or laptop versus a subsidized cell phone. Most survey respondents -- 64 percent -- pointed to convenience as the main reason.