CBS Won't Follow NBC In An iTunes Walkout

The recent feud between Apple and NBC Universal had it all: accusations, frustrated customers, threats, and even a new download service from NBC Universal.  While it is fairly clear what customers think of the drama where do other broadcasters stand?

We reported earlier that FOX is either content or playing their cards really close to their chest, but what about CBS?  They also seem content to stick around:

CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves said that his company would be staying out of the battle with Apple. "We like our relationship with iTunes," he said.

Moonves said that iTunes wasn't a significant source of revenue for CBS, but the company looked at it as much for promotion as it did for revenue.

While its not exactly a ringing endorsement of iTunes, it at least shows some support.  We're still waiting to see what the other networks do, but with CBS and FOX staying on it seems possible that the other major players won't want to miss a potential sales/exposure opportunity by walking away.
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