CBS Brings 3D Ads To NY's Grand Central Station

You heard it here first: 2010 is the year of the tablet, and the year that 3D went overboard. Most of the world hasn't even decided if they want to view content in 3D, and already companies are making extreme efforts to bring more and more of it into the public view. CBS has just introduced its first-ever high-definition 3D projection display as part of a wild new out-of-home advertising campaign.

The board utilizes "state-of-the-art 3D technology and a custom theatre-like environment created exclusively for this outdoor advertising campaign," which is used to bring 3D commercials to around 70000 commuters that pass by the display every day. It will only be active from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM each day, and the other times plain ole 2D commercials will be displayed.

What's unique about this solution is that it's a glasses-free solution. According to CBS, the "3D dioramas appear dimensional to the naked eye, giving the impression you can see around certain elements of the creative." The New York billboard campaign, which will span the entire month of February, includes more than 100 pieces of client media. Is anyone going to be around to give it a glance? We can't say this is worth making a trip to NYC for, but if you're in the area and looking for something fresh to stare at...

"CBS Outdoor is very proud to debut this revolutionary new step in outdoor advertising in one of the nation's highest-profile locations: Grand Central Station," said David Lane, vice president Digital Media CBS Outdoor.  "And we're thrilled to be doing so with Visa, whose 'Go World' high-definition 3D commercials will create a one-of-a-kind brand experience as well as a show-stopping moment for millions of commuters.  The interest and fascination in 3D technology has grown tremendously, and we're pleased to have partnered with N4D in bringing this theatrical quality experience to such an iconic destination."

"Working with CBS Outdoor is a tremendous opportunity for N4D," said Clif Parker, chief executive officer, N4D.  "Their best-in-class campaigns and willingness to innovate at the leading edge of outdoor advertising are a perfect match for N4D.  We look forward to building a strong, long-term partnership with CBS Outdoor and together pushing the boundaries of what digital outdoor advertising can become."