Catalyst Christmas Gift?

The Inquirer is hearing a rumor from one of Santa's elves that ATI is working hard at ensuring that a new Catalyst driver release will be making its way under your Christmas tree this holiday season. Beyond the usual big-fixes and tweaks, this release supposedly unlocks a number of AVIVIO video-related features. Could we see H.264 or WMV-HD hardware decoding before the end of the year as promised?

Catalyst 5.12 will come next week without the support for Radeon X1600 series of products, and that is about to change with X-mas present - driver team is working hard on making 5.13 a reality. The driver isn't just bug-fixes and X1600 support, but rather has some interesting features to boot. When we talked to the father of Catalyst suite, we learned that the goal of 5.13 is being a "video driver" and bringing a lot of AVIVO marchitecture to life.
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