Catalyst 4.12 Performance, Antec TriCool, and more!

I have recently ordered a Abit AV8, Athlon 64 3000+, and I can't wait until Mr. FedEx gets to my house. Next item on my list is a GeForce 6800 GT, but that's a long ways away. Enough about me though, let's get you some news.

ATI CATALYST 4.12 Performance Analysis @

"As far as CATALYST 4.12 goes, the big news here is probably for those of you still playing Half-Life 2 in some shape or form, as this driver has certainly rolled out another set of fine performance improvements."

Antec TriCool @ Phoronix

"In this review, we have to present the Antec TriCool LED fans, which not only will improve the airflow throughout your system, but also the overall looks of the machine."

Sunbeam Lightbus @ A True Review

"Getting tired of the same old cathodes and/or lights just sitting there day after day? Do you wish there was an alternative that allows you to turn those boring lights into a festive light show? Wish no more my friends, for Sunbeam has brought forth "The Lightbus""

Mobile GPU Comparison Guide Rev. 3.0 @ Rojakpot

"Currently covering over 35 mobile GPUs, this comprehensive comparison will allow you to easily compare 14 different specifications for each and every GPU! We hope it will prove to be a useful reference. We will keep this guide updated regularly so do check back for the latest updates!"

Sunbeam Chameleon, Laser Led, and Hyper Light Case Lighting Products @ XYZ Computing

"I thought that my case, a windowless beige box was somewhat of a waste to install all of these products in, with it being the Volvo of the computer world and all. When it woke up from its boredom-induced coma, I was expecting it to ask to be taken off of life support, unable to face its family and bear the shame. Little did I expect what would really happen..."