Capcom Promises Severe Retaliation For Gutless Street Fighter V 'Rage Quitters'

We all suffer Internet glitches and dropouts from time to time, it's the nature of the beast. But the number of Street Fighter V players who are about to lose a battle and disconnect before the match ends suggests something else is happening. By and large, these so-called 'rage quitters' are bailing when all is lost in order to retain their League Points and win streaks. Capcom is privy to the issue and promises "severe punishment" for the worst offenders.

What kind of punishment? Capcom isn't saying, not yet anyway. Maybe it will send a developer to the rage quitter's home to steal their puppy or give them a wedgie. The mind wanders with countless ways Capcom could severely punish these folks, as promised, though we suspect it will be some kind of in-game punishment versus real-world repercussions. Drats!

Street Fighter V

"We are going to take direct action starting next week to punish those players who are abusing the system. This punishment will be severe for the worst offenders, but we will need the community’s help with this," Capcom said. "We will follow up with more details next week, but over the weekend, please record every instance of rage quitting you encounter. The best way to do this is to use the SHARE function on the PlayStation 4 after the match has concluded, though any video evidence will suffice (Twitch archives, local recordings etc.)."

Here's a look at what appears to be a blatant example of rage quitting:

Other than punishing the poor sports, Capcom is also working on its matchmaking system. Right now it seems to be working well for most users in both Ranked and Casual modes, though some players in Europe, the Middle East, and various other regions are reporting problems. Capcom said it made some progress on the issue this past week, but will continue to monitor the situations and provide updates when more improvements are made.