Canonical Now Says Ubuntu Touch Phones Won't Arrive Before 2015

If Canonical is ever going to establish Ubuntu Touch as legitimate contender among mobile operating systems, it's a journey that won't truly begin until sometime next year. That's because the first Ubuntu Touch smartphone isn't likely to launch before 2015 even though Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said last month that we should expect Ubuntu Touch devices in 2014.

Canonical community manager Jono Bacon offered up the revised ship date in a Reddit Q&A, adding that Ubuntu Touch is embarking on a long road with many components.

"I would be surprised if we see anything like this before 2015. When the major OEMs/carriers ship, this is when many of the ISVs will be on-board too," Bacon said.

Ubuntu Phones

Bacon didn't reveal a ton about upcoming Ubuntu Touch devices, but what little he did offer could be viewed as a bit of a buzz kill. For example, Bacon said there will be no "fancy integration" between Ubuntu Touch smartphones and other Ubuntu devices. He also dashed any hopes of Canonical going forward with Ubuntu Edge after a failed Indiegogo campaign in which the open source software maker tried to raise $32 million.

"We don't have any plans to put the Ubuntu Edge into production," Bacon said. "I am supportive of this: I think it would tie Canonical up in knots delivering a very specific device rather than focusing our efforts on making Ubuntu work well for other OEMs who can ship it."