Canon Shows Off Outrageous 120 Megapixel DSLR, But Won’t Sell It To You (Yet)

I've been relatively happy with my Canon T6i (750D) and its 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, but as crazy as it sounds, what Canon is cooking up has nearly 100 more megapixels to offer. More specifically, Canon is developing a digital SLR camera with a resolution of approximately 120 effective megapixels, the company announced today. That's more than double the 50.6MP CMOS sensor used in its existing EOS 5DS.

This isn't entirely new ground for Canon. Back in 2010, the company developed the world's first APS-H sized CMOS image sensor with 120 megapixels, which boasted a mind boggling 13,280 x 9,184 pixels of resolution. However, Canon never shoved its record-setting CMOS sensor into a camera and sold it to the public.

Canon DSLR

That's going to change. Canon is ready to commercialize a DSLR with a 120MP sensor in the APS-H format, and when it's finished, the camera will support 60 of the 96 lenses that Canon offers in its EF lens lineup.

What's the point of a 120MP camera? Canon says the photos it produces will recreate the three-dimensional texture, feel, and presence of subjects. It will also come in handy for professionals shapping photos for poster-sized printouts.

Canon 8K Camera System

Canon's also working on a Cinema EOS System 8K camera and professional-use 8K reference display to support the production of next-generation 8K video content. The 8K camera will use a Canon Super 35 mm-equivalent CMOS sensor capable of shooting in 8,192 x 4,320 resolution (about 35.4MP) and will have an EF mount that offers compatibility with Canon's interchangeable EF lens lineup.