‘Candy Crush Saga’ Game Publisher Planning IPO

Who knew a game in which you line up candy would catapult its developer into the big leagues? A tiny, London-based software known as King (and, also as Midasplayer International) is in the early stages of preparing for a U.S. IPO. The company has already hired banks in the U.S. to prepare for the public offering.

Candy Crush for Android
Candy Crush for Android.
Although Candy Crush Saga isn’t King’s only game, it’s probably the company’s most popular one. If you haven’t tried the Candy Crush Saga before, that’s easily remedied: the game is available for Android and iOS devices and Facebook and it’s free to play. (Of course, there are in-game purchases you can make.) If you’re a Bejeweled fan, you’ll recognize this type of game right away, but there are some notable differences between them, like Facebook support and a game board that depicts your progress.

Game makers have had a roller coaster ride in the stock market recently (think Zynga), but gamers are still snapping up casual games with their mobile devices. It will be interesting to see how King fares if it goes the IPO route.