Cancer doubt remains over mobiles

It seems like a never-ending debate.  One study will say cellular phones do not cause cancer, another says they might.  This is the latest study, and it shows a "hint" of a connection between cellular phones and possible long-term effects such as cancer.  The good thing is they seem to have ruled out short-term effects.

Programme chairman Professor Lawrie Challis said it was now up to the government to offer advice.

The team found that there was a slight excess reporting of brain and acoustic neuroma (ear) cancers.

Researchers said this was on the borderline of statistical significance.

Professor Challis said that it was only responsible to do more research, citing the way smoking was not linked to lung cancer at first.

Challis' advice makes sense; he is correct that smoking was not initially linked to lung cancer.  Let's not forget that the tobacco industry fought tooth and nail along the way, just as the mobile industry is doing now.

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